About Us

Providing quick access, affordable loans to meet those in crisis.

Parrot Loans was founded in 2004 with one purpose and only one purpose in mind: People don’t always have the time to spare for traditional bank loan waiting times. You need money right now – not two weeks or even two days from now. We adopted tough standards for ourselves in the quality of service, ease of application and loan response times, all while adhering to the laws in the United Kingdom.

Our Mission

We at Parrot Payday Loans don’t want you to be frantic for some fast cash any longer. We know what it’s like to be strapped for cash just at the wrong moment. We’ve had tyres go flat, refrigerators and autos quit or even finally find that perfect anniversary or birthday gift that goes off sale tomorrow.

It’s been our mission from our first day to provide you with anywhere from £50 to £1000 when you need it, 24 hours each day, every day of the year. Every single day since our founding we have concentrated on making you our priority. You are first and foremost our focus and our impetus. You are the reason we are here, and we never forget that.

Our sole mission is to find you that quick, payday loan that meets your needs and wants.

Insight to Parrot Payday

Our loan experts are more than just representatives. They are true experts at finding you a loan quickly and with reasonable terms. Each professional understands that time is of the essence, even if you want the extra money for a holiday cruise or if you need it for an emergency tow service for the auto that broke down on the motorway. Delays are unacceptable, and we endeavour to get your money into your account as quickly as possible. Most loans are en route in about 15 minutes, but they are always there in an hour or less. We make sure of it.

We have succeeded in promoting honesty in the payday loan industry, upholding our paradigm and have met the quick cash needs of tens of thousands of people just like you and just like us. We don’t have hidden fees or make you wait for a credit check. We don’t make you wait long at all. We make sure of it.

Our name might be Parrot Payday Loans, but we believe it means, "Your needs first. Your needs quickly, and your needs privately." We don’t sell your information, and we don’t delay in letting you know the good news. Whether you need that £50 to £1000 for an emergency, for fun or for the future, it’s our goal to get it to you faster than any other organisation in the industry and with the utmost discretion.

Contact us right now. Apply online and have your payday loan in your UK bank account practically before you know it – safely, discreetly, and respectfully.

Top Eight Reasons to Borrow from Us

There are many reasons that we can list why you should get your quick cash loan from us, but your time is valuable, so here are only the top eight reasons why Parrot Payday is your payday loan home:

– Your £50 to £1000 is sent usually within 15 minutes.
— Your money arrives directly in your account – no checks, faxes or mailings.
— Repayment is easy through direct debit – no checks, mailings or door knocking.
— No secret fees.
— Quick, easy online application.
— Service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
— No credit report footprint.
— No loan justification needed. Why you need or want it is your business, period.

Our Recent Happy Customers

  • Got £200 to help pay for broken car

    John, Kent
  • I needed £300 to help pay for unexpected bills

    Julie, Yorkshire
  • I for £500 to pay for my new computer

    Rosie, Birmingham
  • I applied for £500 for a renovation work done to the kitchen

    Keith, Liverpool